What to Look For on a Viewing

When you’ve found a house you are interested in, the next step is to arrange a viewing with the landlord or agent. We recommend that you go to the viewing with other people, and preferably in daylight.

If possible, try to get advice about the house and landlord from the current tenants - but this could be difficult if the landlord or agent is around. If you can, try to ask the tenants how much their bills are. This could help you budget for the year ahead.

As well as looking at how much room there is, it’s important to look out for some of the other things that could have an impact on your year, like damp or smoke alarms. Take a look at the property viewing checklist we have created, or maybe even print it out and take it with you.

Questions you might like to ask the agent or landlord

  • Will the property be let on an individual or joint contract?
  • How much is the deposit and which scheme is it protected with?
  • If the landlord is carrying out significant work before you move in, can it be written into the contract with compensation details if not completed in time?
  • Is there a reduction in rent over the summer?
  • Can you leave before the contract ends?
  • Are there any extra charges the landlord might make?
  • Do I/we require a guarantor?