Advertising to Members of Staff


Smart Move Sheffield maintain property listings for members of staff at the University of Sheffield. These are advertised on our website, and are not accessible to students at the University.

Demand for Accommodation

Smart Move Sheffield has demand from members of staff at the University of Sheffield for private accommodation all year round but there is usually a peak in demand in the period leading up to the start of each semester; i.e. July, August and September and then December and January.

Members of staff are looking for a variety of different accommodation i.e. single rooms, accommodation for couples and families. Small self-contained flats in areas close to the University are probably in the greatest demand. Many staff members will be looking for fully furnished accommodation with occasional demand for unfurnished properties.

Advertising Procedure

If you have a property that is suitable for members of Staff at the University of Sheffield, please contact Smart Move Sheffield to discuss it with us.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the amount of private accommodation available to rent and in consideration of this Smart Move Sheffield reserves the right to turn down offers of accommodation.

Please note: Smart Move Sheffield can make no guarantee to let your property.


We will advertise the property for the period until it is rented only, and you should notify us when you have rented it so we can remove the advert. Should you wish to advertise in future, you would be required to complete a new advertising form, and pay another advertising fee. Therefore, this is probably not suitable for people who want to fill rooms/properties on a very short let of three months or less.

Required Documents/Information

We will require a completed advertising form, a copy of the current gas safe certificate, a copy of an electrical certificate showing that in the last 5 years the installation has been tested and inspected and found to be in a satisfactory condition (except resident owners) and an EPC (except resident owners).

There is an advertising fee of £47.00 (including VAT) for each vacancy advertised and we will send you a link to our payment page to pay for this. This fee includes an electronic copy of a tenancy agreement (or a paper copy upon request).

The Advertisement

We will display selected information provided on the advertising form and are able to display photographs as part of the advertisement on the Studentpad website. If you wish to make use of this, please send your photographs to

Please be aware that you will not be able to manage your property online.