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Remember those bills that you worked really hard on to set up an account when you moved in? You need to close the accounts now, so almost doing everything you did before in reverse. If you don’t cancel your account you may continue to be charged, or may find that your landlord holds your deposit until seeing proof of final payments.

How do I Close My Account with the Provider?

Hopefully by now you should know who your providers are, and if you still have a bill lying around their contact number should be readily available. If not, a quick web search should locate their contact details.

You will need to let them know that you are leaving the property and provide them with a final meter reading as well as a forwarding address for the final bill. This will usually reach you in a few working days which you can then pay.

You will need to do this for all of your suppliers – gas, electricity and water, as well as the internet/tv package/tv license etc.

Why are There Cancellation Fees?

Some energy tariffs, or more commonly broadband or television packages may have a cancellation fee if you are looking to end the contract early. Just like if you ended your mobile phone contract early, you need to pay for the remainder of the contract. It’s no different with your other bills. You might be able to find any details of charges in the terms and conditions you agreed to (if you have a copy) or by contacting the providers to enquire about cancellation.

TV License

Depending on how long you were residing in the property for, and how long you used your TV license you may be entitled to a partial refund. They can be refunded in blocks of 3 months only, so you will need at least 3 full months remaining on your license. More details can be found here.

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