Registration Standards

What Documents do We Require?

We ask landlords to supply a combination of the following documents depending on the property type:

  • Gas Safe Certificate – A certificate carried out by a gas safe registered engineer annually. This must show that all gas appliances in the property have been tested and are safe for use. All properties with gas appliances must provide this.
  • Electrical Installation Certification – A certificate which shows that in the last 5 years, the full electrical installation was tested and inspected, and found to be satisfactory. All properties where there is not a resident owner must provide this.
  • Energy Performance Certificate – A certificate that tells you how energy efficient a property is on a scale between A and G, and any improvements that could be made to the property. Any property let as a whole on a joint tenancy must have an EPC. Please note recent changes in legislation requires all rented properties to have an energy efficiency rating of E or above.
  • HMO License – A license required and provided by Sheffield City Council where there are 5 or more people living in a property.
  • Snug Certificate - For ALL properties. We no longer accept registrations of new Resident Owner properties. If you own a property and have a spare room to rent out, you may want to consider advertising to a member of staff

What Standards Must The Property Meet?

In addition to providing valid copies of the documents as outlined above, the property must meet physical standards. These will be checked during an inspection by Sheffield City Council as part of their Snug approval process before the property is registered.

These standards include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any property containing a gas appliance must have a Carbon Monoxide detector fitted in a suitable location
  • Any door to be used as an escape in an emergency must allow exit without the use of a key, for example a thumb turn lock
  • Any furniture, curtains, blinds and soft furnishings are provided, they must be compliant with the Furniture & furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1993 as amended
  • Ground floor and easily accessible windows must be provided with window locks
  • If a property is rented using an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, the deposit must be safeguarded with one of the government backed tenancy protection schemes within the required timescale

Further details of the standards required to achieve Snug approval can be found here.