GISH Information for Landlords

Green Impact Student Homes (GISH) is a scheme for landlords or agents to participate in to make your properties more environmentally friendly. Many landlords are already being greener than ever before and the scheme allows them to be recognised for this work. As well as being able to demonstrate that your property has a green accreditation, each GISH accredited property will receive a 10% discount on registration costs for the 3 registration years the accreditation is valid for AND it will receive priority advertising.

There are three levels of accreditation, bronze, silver and gold (in the workbook this is called Bonus), with different criteria to be achieved for each level. This ranges from things such as installing curtains or blinds to help keep the heat in, and explaining to your tenants why portable electric heaters are less energy efficient than central heating (both in bronze), all the way to installing an advanced programmable thermostat, planting a fruit tree or fruit bush, or installing an energy efficient ventilation system in a high humidity area to achieve gold. Don’t worry though, you can select which gold criteria you want to complete in order to meet the required number of points – we know not everything is possible for all properties.

The scheme is run using an online workbook and each level has a section within the workbook with criteria to complete. To achieve Bronze you must complete all Bronze criteria, for Silver all Bronze and Silver, and all Bronze, Silver and 32 points out of a possible 154 points to achieve Gold.

In August of each year we open up the online workbook so you can start working through the criteria, and we close the workbook in the following March. If you have submitted the workbook by the closing date we will contact you to arrange an audit of the property, which involves a member of Smart Move Sheffield staff visiting the property to verify your workbook and have a brief chat with your tenants. But don’t worry, if we do need any further information from you we will give you time to get this to us.

If you are successful in achieving either Bronze, Silver or Gold, your accreditation will last for three academic years before you need to complete another workbook and renew your accreditation. You are able, the following year, to submit a workbook again to achieve a higher level for your property if, for instance, you achieved Bronze or Silver.

If you’re interested in taking part and would like some more information or if you’re ready to sign up, please email us at or call us on 0114 222 6058.